28 January 2011

Felt Food #2

More yummy felt food!

My favorite is the little strawberry, so cute!

I didn't follow the tutorial exactly, but had looked at this one at Bread and Buttons, and then did my own thing.

Sweet little blueberry muffin.

I used Helping Little Hands' printable pattern for the muffin.

My boys eat pears for breakfast everyday, so I had to do a pear.

I found a great pattern on this forum. Unfortunately, I made it too big, and then tried to take the seams in a little to make it smaller and it ended up a little wonky. I also forgot to put the stem and leaves on and haven't gotten around to doing that. My boys still love it, though.

Next is a ham and pineapple pizza, designed by myself.

Then a quesadilla.

Cut apart with yummy yellow cheese inside.

It seems like I saw this idea somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I just sandwiched a yellow felt circle in between two off white ones, cut in fourths, and machine sew around the edges.

Next, take a slice of bread,

slather on some peanut butter and drizzle with honey,

and top with another slice of bread, for a delicious peanut butter and honey sandwich (another favorite of my boys).

I used Helping Little Hands' printable pattern for the bread slices.

There are so many fun possibilities for the felt food. I will probably make more!

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27 January 2011

Felt Food #1

I have been wanting to make some felt food for forever! I have been drooling over all the delicious looking food all over blog land, and flickr groups. I finally got a bunch done to give to my now two year old for his birthday. As he opened his present he pretended to eat each piece-- so cute!

Some of the food I made up, some I followed patterns, or just ideas from other people. I will try to give credit where it is needed.

First up, we have a banana.

Open the peel,

And take the banana out!

I used the pattern for the banana from Helping Little Hands.

If you need some breakfast, how about a pancake, with a pat of butter, and drizzled with syrup.

Add a slice of bacon,

And a fried egg,

Yummy breakfast!

I just free handed these shapes.

Next, a little green bean.

My 4 year old actually suggested that we needed a green bean. Not sure why, he won't eat them for real! I just cut out a little strip of green and sewed and stuffed it for the bean. I have another one cut out I need to finish because one little bean looks a little lonely. :)

Need some more veggies?
How about some broccoli, (idea, though not pattern from Made)

And some carrots? (pattern from I Make Stuff)

My boys love to eat grapes. 

The idea for the grapes came from Made, although she made hers so they could come apart in little bunches. I went for a simpler method.

How about a delicious chocolate chip cookie for desert?

Come back tomorrow for more!

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25 January 2011

Glow in the Dark

I still have a project that I need to edit pictures of before I post, hopefully I will get to it tomorrow, but first a comment on glow-in-the-dark.

When I was in high school, I loved all things glow in the dark. I think I even considered it my favorite color at one point (can it be considered a color?). I of course had glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, but also had glow in the dark fingernail polish, glow in the dark crayons, glow in the dark paint, and glow in the dark beads on a necklace, pretty much anything I could find glow in the dark.

When I was in Utah over the holidays, the Joanns near my mother-in-law's house was closing, so had everything left 75% off. I couldn't resist checking it out. I got a few button cards for $0.30-$0.45 each. I would have looked at the fabric, but didn't really have room to bring a lot home. Then I looked at the thread. They had glow in the dark thread for 75%. I couldn't resist! It was a great chance to try it out.

So I have two spools of this:

My four year old has already requested a dinosaur with glow in the dark eyes, and I have another project I am currently working on that I hand stitched some glow in the dark thread on it. I'm thinking some kind of wall hanging to go in my boys' room with some glow in the dark on it would be fun. Now I need more some fun ideas to use this.

What would you make with glow in the dark thread?

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21 January 2011

Hanging Towel

I made these hanging towels for my Mother-in-law. Last Christmas, I had made her a Christmas-y towel, and this past summer when we visited, I found out she had still been using it year round. She loved how it stayed put on her drawer handle.

So I made her four new ones, two of each color.


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18 January 2011


For my 10 month old nephew, I made this little monster. I drew my own pattern based on the Uglydoll Big Toe. I didn't know there were official  Uglydolls, but ran across them searching for ideas. I had just seen pictures of monsters that people had made, and thought it would be fun. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

I hadn't planned on making a little blanket for it, but ran across this adorable monster fabric that I had bought at JoAnns a while back, and just had to use it. There are such cute little monsters on there. Any of those monsters would make a cute little stuffy.


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17 January 2011

Baby Doll

Sorry for such a long blogging break. We had a busy couple weeks leading up to Christmas (including some crafting going on for Christmas presents). We took a nice, long three week vacation, which was extended by two days when our flights got canceled, twice. So I'm just getting back into the swing of things, and hopefully will be back to doing some crafting soon.

I was happy to see that I got some new followers to my blog over the holidays. Thank you to all my followers! Hopefully I will be blogging a little more regularly now. I have a few Christmas presents to show you that I made this week.

This baby doll I made for my 7 month old niece. Babies are always so much fun to make things for. There is so much cute stuff to make!

The free pattern for this doll came from the Black Apple Doll featured on Martha Stuart Crafts. I made the body out of flannel and the hair out of fleece to be super soft and washable so my niece can cuddle it all she likes! I especially like the pink stripey tights. :) I embroidered the eyes and mouth.

I also made her a little doll blanket to match out of the same flannel.

My niece loves to cuddle things already, and liked her right away!

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