26 October 2011

Lower Case H

Lower case h is for hats:

My son picked the hats he wanted out of his favorite book about hats, Old Hat New Hat. These hats are "too red, too dotty, too blue, and too spotty."

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25 October 2011

Pink Lady Bugs

I've been needing an excuse to do some sewing. I haven't done any for too long! One of my good friends had a baby girl last week, so I made this cute little set for her baby.

Receiving blanket:

Lady bug appliqued on a onsie:

And some sweet little shoes to match:

I made the shoes the smallest newborn size that I make, and they are still too big for this cute, tiny little baby.

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20 October 2011

Lower Case G

Lower case g for goo-goo-googgles:

Once again from our favorite ABC book.
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10 October 2011

Capital F

BIG F, little f,
Four fluffy feathers on a

(This was all my 2 year old's idea. When I asked him what starts with F, he quoted his favorite Dr. Seuss book.)

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