25 July 2011

Reading Corner Update


I finally finished the Rollie Pollie to put in our reading corner. I have had the inside part done for a month or two, but finally finished the cover. I was a bit intimidated by the zipper. I have never done a zipper before. Although it ended up a little off-centered, it worked out pretty good!

Now we have a perfect little reading spot.

And with a little bit of bribery, my sons will sit quietly next to each other and read, without fighting! :)

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15 July 2011

Summer Fun

We have been having a fun Summer, and I haven't had too much time to blog.

Here are a few fun activities and crafts we have been doing lately:

  • Lego Measuring (We used Trio Blocks, since that is what my sons play with all day, every day)

  • Angry Birds Water Balloon Game (Was a hit with my Angry Birds loving kids--they could have played all day, but my fingers quickly got sore tying water balloons!)

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