25 March 2010

These Shoes are Made for Walking

My one year old is just starting to walk. He needed some bigger shoes that had a bit more traction than the fabric ones he had been wearing.

This is what I made for him:

And, this is what they were before, an old purse that was given to me, that I pulled out of my going-to-Goodwill pile:

All they cost me was a dollar or so for a leather needle. :)

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  1. Those are awesome! Great Repurposing!

  2. As affectionknit almost said: great repurseposing.

    I bet these won't fall apart like the ones I bought have. When my baby crawls, her feet have just ground the stitches out on the toes.

  3. Wow! Wonderful job! I love them.

  4. Love them! I need some girly version in brown for Ms Sadie!


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