19 September 2017

Black and White Baby Dress

My brother and his wife are expecting a little girl in a couple weeks.

I love making handmade gifts for people, so of course I had to make them a little something.

So I made this sweet little onesie dress and shoes for my new niece that will be coming soon! Can't wait to meet her!

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14 September 2017

Letter G

Letter G is for gumballs and guitar. 

My son loves the little green dot bingo marker we have. You will see that show up on a lot of his crafts. :)

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12 September 2017

Green Bow Ties

For Father's Day, I made all my boys matching bow ties.

They are all Dr. Who fans, so they know that bow ties are cool!

I think they all look pretty handsome!

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11 September 2017

Gray Slip-on Style Shoes

Another new pair of shoes in my shop now! 

Available in 4 sizes with or without the non-slip sole.

These slip-on style shoes are available with non-slip soles perfect for the aspiring walker, like my little nephew who modeled them for me.

See details in my shop.

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Sewing With My 8 Year Old

I'm usually glad that my boys have inherited my love of creating things. It often means I do most of the work. :) They are getting so they can do more on their own, though.

My 8 year old wanted to sew a blanket and found this fabric in my stash.

We just did a simple stitch around the edges to sew the two layers together. He did do most of the sewing around the edges.

Now it has a special spot on his bed

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21 August 2017

White Baby Boy Shoes

I have some new baby boy shoes in my shop!

These sweet, tiny white shoes are perfect for the Christening, Blessing, Baptism, or special occasion in your baby's life.

Available in 4 sizes.

See details in my shop.

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17 August 2017

Stuffed Animals

My kids love to make stuffed animals. Our latest ones are a #tsumtsum or #teenyty style #stuffedanimal.

So far we have a couple penguins, a bee, a turtle, and an eagle. 

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