22 January 2018

Handmade Christmas Gifts

My boys and I made a few handmade Christmas gifts this year.

First, my gift to my parents was a set of place cards. My mom likes to set out name cards for meals whenever she has lots of us visiting. I designed them on Photoshop, printed them out and laminated them.

Each of my siblings' families has a different design. Six of us, plus a different design for my parents. I also made two blank ones that can be written on in dry erase marker if they have any visitors. I wasn't sure how the laminated paper would work to fold, but I just scored one side lightly with my scissors and then folded them over and they worked great!

My 11 year old son has been wanting to learn how to embroider. I taught him as we made these pillow cases for his grandmas. I thought he did a really good job.

Besides a basic stem stitch, he also learned a french knot for the eyes of the penguin and the berries around the wreath, and a detached single chain for the leaves.

He was going to do the sewing too, but we ran out of time. So, I sewed up the pillow and made the pillow case an envelope back.

My 8 year old son made these ornaments for his grandmas. He did most of the sewing by hand by himself.

A Christmas tree for my mom:

A Mickey Mouse gingerbread man went to my mother-in-law who only has Disney ornaments on her tree - he wanted to make sure it would fit in!

My 5 year old also wanted to sew something for his grandmas. He's just learning, so I just taught him how to sew on buttons - to make a penguin and a snowman. I did the rest of the sewing.

The last ornament I made out of felt for a neighbor:

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28 November 2017


Before we get too much into Christmas, I wanted to share this cute little turkey that I made. I gave it to our neighbors who had us over for Thanksgiving.

I had to make us one, too, it's just so cute! I love how the wings and legs are sewn so they can rotate, so it is somewhat pose-able. I got the pattern from Sew Mama Sew.

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27 November 2017

Stuffed Toys

My kids are always wanting me to make stuffed animals for them, or have me help them make some. These creatures are inspired by some things I have made with them. Available in my shop now. Plus everything in my shop is 10% off, or spend over $20 and get 15% off, through Friday.

My kids love tsum tsum and teenie beenie stuffed animals. These stuffed bugs are those stackable type and size. 

Stuffed whales:

These would be great hanging from a baby toy or car seat, or grab a bunch and make a mobile. 

Or they make a fun friend for kids of all ages.

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Blanket Gift Sets With Stuffed Animals

More gift sets for little ones in my shop. Everything in my shop is 10% off, or spend over $20 and get 15% off, through Friday.

 Turtle blanket and stuffed turtle:

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Baby Gift Sets With Shoes

New blanket and shoe gift sets in my shop. All blankets are one layer of cozy flannel, with cute shoes to match! Plus everything in my shop is 10% off, or spend over $20 and get 15% off, through Friday.

Bear paw shoes and blanket gift set:

Brown Mary Janes with pink and brown floral blanket:

Black Mary Janes with pink flower and butterfly blanket, and cute little butterfly:

Cactus blanket with matching shoes:

Fox shoes with cute woodland animal blanket:

Baby ballet shoes with two gray and pink blankets: (Sold already, but you can buy the shoes by themselves here)

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