23 November 2011

Fall Leaves

If you are looking for one last fall project to do before we get into Christmas time, this is a great one! Although I had thought of it before, my 5 year old actually suggested this activity. Remembering our spring flowers that we made out of coffee filters, and snowflakes before that, we made some fall leaves.

We cut the coffee filters into leaf shapes, colored with fall colored markers,

Sprayed them with a bit of water, then let them dry,

Scrunched them up a bit, then hung them on the window.

We have a stack to give away, too.

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10 November 2011

Lower Case J

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candle stick. And a jack-o-lantern begin with J.

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Fall Leaves

We have had a beautiful fall. We've had some cold, rainy days, but a lot of warmish sunny days. Last week my boys were needing to expend some energy outside, so we went on a pretty leaf hunt. We came back with a backpack full of different kinds and colors of beautiful fall leaves. I had picked up the book Leaf Man from the library. After reading the book, and examining all the pictures, we made some pictures of our own, covered in contact paper.

With the help of my 2 year old, we made a chicken:

And a butterfly:

My 5 year old made a butterfly:

A turtle:

A leaf man:

And a couple fish:

Some of our favorite left over leaves we stuck to the window with contact paper:

 This was a very fun fall leaf activity!

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04 November 2011

Lower Case I

Lower case i with insects:

In case you can't tell, the insects were made out of fingerprints. My son really liked making really long caterpillars.

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01 November 2011

Halloween Costumes

Most years I have done a quite a bit of sewing for Halloween. This year was a bit easier. My 5 year old has wanted to be a tiger since last Halloween. A couple weeks ago I was in Once Upon a Child and found this cute tiger costume.

For my 2 year old, we had this lion costume, which his brother wore when he was little:

With a lion and a tiger, we needed a bear! I got to be the bear. I sewed these little ears onto a headband. I also sewed a little tail, but didn't get a picture of it.

So, with a lion, a tiger, and a bear, my husband needed to fit in, so I freezer paper stenciled this shirt for him:

Oh my!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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