19 September 2017

Black and White Baby Dress

My brother and his wife are expecting a little girl in a couple weeks.

I love making handmade gifts for people, so of course I had to make them a little something.

So I made this sweet little onesie dress and shoes for my new niece that will be coming soon! Can't wait to meet her!

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14 September 2017

Letter G

Letter G is for gumballs and guitar. 

My son loves the little green dot bingo marker we have. You will see that show up on a lot of his crafts. :)

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12 September 2017

Green Bow Ties

For Father's Day, I made all my boys matching bow ties.

They are all Dr. Who fans, so they know that bow ties are cool!

I think they all look pretty handsome!

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11 September 2017

Gray Slip-on Style Shoes

Another new pair of shoes in my shop now! 

Available in 4 sizes with or without the non-slip sole.

These slip-on style shoes are available with non-slip soles perfect for the aspiring walker, like my little nephew who modeled them for me.

See details in my shop.

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Sewing With My 8 Year Old

I'm usually glad that my boys have inherited my love of creating things. It often means I do most of the work. :) They are getting so they can do more on their own, though.

My 8 year old wanted to sew a blanket and found this fabric in my stash.

We just did a simple stitch around the edges to sew the two layers together. He did do most of the sewing around the edges.

Now it has a special spot on his bed

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21 August 2017

White Baby Boy Shoes

I have some new baby boy shoes in my shop!

These sweet, tiny white shoes are perfect for the Christening, Blessing, Baptism, or special occasion in your baby's life.

Available in 4 sizes.

See details in my shop.

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17 August 2017

Stuffed Animals

My kids love to make stuffed animals. Our latest ones are a #tsumtsum or #teenyty style #stuffedanimal.

So far we have a couple penguins, a bee, a turtle, and an eagle. 

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16 August 2017

15 August 2017

Summer Fun Activities

Here are a few activities my kids wanted to do this summer.

We finally jumped on the slime bandwagon. We used the recipe from Elmer's.

We made blue slime with glitter in it.

We made some oobleck.

We actually made this several times. The bowl of cornstarch would dry out and we would just re-hydrate it and play again. I love it when something is fun for all of my boys to play. Both the slime and the oobleck was enjoyed by all three of them.

We made some fireworks in a jar.

It was fun and cool to watch, although it didn't last as long as playing with the slime or oobleck.

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14 August 2017

White Lace Baby Girl Shoes

I have some new baby girl shoes in my shop!

These sweet, tiny white shoes are perfect for the Christening, Blessing, Baptism, or special occasion in your baby's life.

Customizable and available in 4 sizes.

See details in my shop.

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12 August 2017

11 June 2017

Dining Room Chairs

Our dining room chairs have needed some TLC for a while now. I've been needing and wanting to recover them for a couple years, and finally got it done a couple months ago.

I covered them with home decor fabric I found at Joanns and vinyl so they are washable. 


The vinyl made it a little hard to get nice corners and to get everything stapled together, but it has been so nice and easy to take care of!

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07 May 2017

New Baby Shoes in my shop now!

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2qcuILR

New Baby Shoes in my shop now!

A whole rainbow of options ready to ship in newborn size.

Red Ladybugs

Orange Lions

Yellow Elephants

Green Giraffes

Green Lions

Blue Bears

Blue Monsters

Purple Monsters

Purple Floral

 Pink Flowers

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