12 September 2013

Ninjago Birthday Party

My oldest son is very much into legos lately and had a Ninjago Birthday party for his seventh birthday. I searched through lots of wonderful ideas on Pinterest and found a few things that my son liked and wanted to do for his party.

Ninjago balloon decorations:

We also had a white balloon that my son drew on to look like one of the skeleton guys. We set it up on something and have them throw "shurikens of ice" (origami stars that I made for them) at it. One of the stars hit right on the tip and popped the balloon!

 We made a paper mache pinata:

The cake was the green ninja:

 Super simple decor on the walls. My son colored in a lego guy printout to look like the 4 main ninjas.

They played pin the staff on Sensei Wu:

I thought it would be fun to make some sort of ninja mask as a party favor for the boys that came to the party . In searching for ideas on the web, I came across this great idea to use a t-shirt tied around into a mask (from A Lemon Squeezy Home). So I got them all t-shirts from the dollar store and sent them home with the photo of the instructions found from Lemon Squeezy so they could all be ninjas.

 I even dressed the baby up. :)

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10 September 2013

Alien Cake

My middle son wanted an alien space ship cake for his fourth birthday. I'm not sure how he got that idea, but I did my best to make it happen.

I just baked the cake into two round pans. Then I cut one in half and then kind of shaved off the sides to fit around the other circle.

I thought it turned out pretty cute.

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28 August 2013

Spider Web

I saw the idea to make a spider web decoration out of a trash bag from How About Orange last year. So when my boys were wanting more Halloween decorations, we tried it out. I thought they turned out pretty fun.

One for the doorway, and one for the front door.

For some added fun, we attached some little spider rings to them.

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26 August 2013


When we went to Disneyland last year, my son got this R2D2 Mickey ears hat.


So for Halloween, he wanted to be R2D2. I had seen a couple ideas online (here, here, and here), and used freezer paper to make a stencil to paint on a white t-shirt.

He wanted a t-shirt rather than a costume made out of cardboard or something, so he could wear it to school, which he has quite a bit!
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24 July 2013

Window Collages

This was a fun afternoon activity for my two boys.

Window Collages:

To make, I cut out squares of clear contact paper. Then, I drew a shape for them to fill in. Then I let them have at it with a bunch of flower and star shapes I had cut out for scrapbooking, sticking them on the contact paper. You could easily use regular hole punch circles in different colors, too. Then stick them to the window.

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22 July 2013


 My brother and his wife were expecting a little boy at the same time we were. Our due dates were only a day or two apart. The two boys ended up being born on the same day! Twin cousins! This is the gift bundle I made for their cutie.

Doggie shoes:

 Long sleeved onsie:

And matching blanket:

Paired with some black penny loafers:

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16 July 2013

Baby Blanket

I have made each of my babies their own blanket. For my first two I just pieced together a flannel receiving blanket. This time I wanted to try my hand at some minky. I love how soft and snuggley the minky is. I patched together two colors of minky with two colors of flannel.

My baby came a little over a week early, and I hadn't quite finished hand stitching the binding on before I went to the hospital. So I brought my needle and thread with me and finished it there. :)

The back has the just the blue and green print on it.

All snuggled up!

I can't believe how little my baby was. He's now nine months old already!

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15 July 2013

Bears For My Little Bear

I got this little bear outfit for my baby to take him home from the hospital. Of course he had to have some matching shoes!

The inside is this cute paw print fabric:

I also got a couple plain long sleeved onsies that needed a little embellishing. I just used double sided iron on interfacing to stick a scrap of fabric on the shirts, and did a quick hand stitch around the edge. A football:

And another bear:

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11 July 2013

Yellow Baby Gift

 I had a friend who had a baby girl about a month before my baby. I made her this cute little yellow bundle:

Onsie dress:

With matching shoes:

And a yellow receiving blanket:

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09 July 2013

Basket Liners

I got these baskets at the dollar store, but wanted to line them to make them look cuter, and to keep small things from falling out of the holes. I used some of the same fabric as the book sling and rollie pollie in our play room.

Nice and organized!

I read several tutorials online before making them, including these two from Make It and Love It and Vanilla Joy. I didn't follow them exactly, especially since the baskets were not square (they taper in at the bottom), so I just cut my fabric pieces to match the taper.

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