16 July 2013

Baby Blanket

I have made each of my babies their own blanket. For my first two I just pieced together a flannel receiving blanket. This time I wanted to try my hand at some minky. I love how soft and snuggley the minky is. I patched together two colors of minky with two colors of flannel.

My baby came a little over a week early, and I hadn't quite finished hand stitching the binding on before I went to the hospital. So I brought my needle and thread with me and finished it there. :)

The back has the just the blue and green print on it.

All snuggled up!

I can't believe how little my baby was. He's now nine months old already!

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  1. Hi Richelle, You have such wonderful items on your blog! I love your stand up felt pocket nativity that you have created. Is it possible to purchase it? If not, is do you have a pattern or instructions?


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