31 May 2010

Super Hero Cape

My son was in need of a super hero cape. The only one that he had is actually a fleece blanket that has velcro at the top. It is meant to be a cape, but was really long and every time he tried to run, it would fall off.

I started looking online for any ideas, and came across this tutorial at Puking Pastilles. I opted out of making it a specific super hero, and just put a star on it.

It helps him run super fast!

My son loves the sparkly star fabric. I used felt for the big star. I just happened to have both on hand, so didn't have to make any special trips to the fabric store or spend any money!

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27 May 2010

Dragonfly Baby Blanket and Shoes

This was the rest of my present for my future niece. A receiving blanket with matching baby shoes.

Her nursery will be purple and yellow. I thought this print would match perfectly, and the dragonflies are so cute, too.

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26 May 2010

Flower Onesie Dress and Shoes

My Brother and Sister-in-law are expecting their first, a little girl, in a couple weeks. This is part of what I sent to them.

Flower onesie dress with matching baby shoes:

I love this floral print. It had the contrasting blue background pattern on one end of the fabric. I cut out a flower from the fabric and hand stitched in on the shirt.

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25 May 2010

Solar System

This was a fun little project to do with my son. He enjoys watching and playing with Planet Heroes, so has become interested in knowing more about the planets.

I got the kit to make this at a yard sale, but it could easily be replicated with some card stock , a hole punch, and some yarn. We colored and put on the planets in order (with the sun in the center), so he could learn what order they are in. He can recognize all the names of the planets now, and knows which ones have rings. I've explained to him before how Pluto is not really a planet, but he told me, "It is round and in space, so I call it a planet." So there is the scientific definition of a planet from a 4 year old.

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19 May 2010


A birthday present I made, this one for a three year old friend. A little tote bag with pockets on the side, divided to hold crayons. This made the standard coloring book and crayons present a lot more fun!

PS-Do you like my quilt rack? I got it at a yard sale for $3! It is in perfect condition, too!

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18 May 2010


We recently took down all the letters that my son had made off of our wall. He was worried that he would forget his alphabet, so we made a new one. I drew out all the letters and he traced them. I also put up a map of the United States and a map of the world. They are actually place mats that I found for super cheap at Goodwill.

My son likes to find the state we live in as well as his grandmas. He knows a few different countries, too. We ate at an Indian restaurant the other night, so we had to point out where India is. I'll need to figure out some more fun activities to do to learn about different countries and states this summer.

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17 May 2010


I mentioned how much my son loves dinosaurs. He also loves pink. It has been his favorite color for a while now. I had out some pink suede cloth and he really wanted me to make him something out of it. When I asked him what he wanted me to make, he of course said, "a dinosaur!"

I actually made the Tyrannosaurus Rex a few months ago. I traced around a dinosaur figurine onto the back of the fabric, stitched around the traced line, then turned it inside out.

He wanted a Triceratops, too, but I resisted making it because I wasn't sure I could make it look like a Triceratops. I finally tried it a few days ago. I again just traced one of his dinosaurs. It worked OK.

Do you think it looks like a Triceratops? All the little horns were hard to get turned inside out. I shouldn't have made them quite so small.

T-Rex and Triceratops are good friends, now.

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13 May 2010

Mother's Day Cards

I'm a little slow getting this on here, but these are the cards my 4 year old made for me and his grandmas for Mother's Day. He drew all the petals and centers on craft foam, then I cut them out (he tried, but the foam is a bit tricky to cut). Then I helped him glue them together. A little note on the inside, and it made a cute homemade card!

I told him the yellow one was my favorite, and he decided to give it to me. He wrote "I ♥ Y" on the inside. (We had written "I ♥ U" before, and I guess he forgot the "u" stands for "you" and just wrote what "you" starts with. I thought it was cute.)

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11 May 2010

Letter Z

The capital "Z" is a zebra.
The lower case "z" is a zoo.

Letter "Z" page from our Alphabet book.

Now you know your ABC's, what am I going to post? :)

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04 May 2010

Letter Y

The capital "Y" has a yo-yo on it.
The lower case "y" is colored yellow.

Letter "Y" page from our Alphabet book.

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02 May 2010

Baby Ball

Another baby gift I like to make are little baby balls.

Just the right size for little baby hands to hold. I put a little bell inside so it would jingle when shaken.

I was a Math major in college, so I like it when creative meets Math. This 14 sided polyhedron is a tetradecahedron. OK, I did have to look that up. :)

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