13 April 2011

Easter Egg Chicks

The other day I went to Micheals craft store with my 2 year old while my 5 year old was at preschool. They had a free little craft set up making Easter egg chicks. I helped my 2 year old make this:

When we picked up my 5 year old from preschool, he wanted to make one too. We swung back by Michaels, but the craft table was gone. So we scrounged up some supplies we had at home and made some of our own. I helped my son make one, and while he had quiet time, he made some more...

And some more...

Then one pom pom chick...

Turned into a whole bunch tiny of pom pom chicks:

So cute! Now we are all decorated for Easter!

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12 April 2011

Bed Skirt

I have wanted to make a bed skirt for my son's bed for a while now. After moving to our new place, I decided it would be the perfect time. The room we put our boys in has red carpet, so to tie in the blue curtains and bedding we already had, I wanted to find some fabric that had red and blue.

I found some striped sheets on clearance at Walmart, and I thought it would be perfect! I actually bought 2 king sized sheets, plus the pillow case to match. So I have a lot of stripey fabric I will be doing a couple of fun things with.

Making the skirt was actually really easy. It is just a large rectangle with a small rectangle sewn on the bottom. A lot of the sides I used the hemmed side of the sheet, so I didn't even have to do much finishing of the edges. Just measure the mattress, plus the length of the side that you want to hang down. The side of this doesn't quite touch the floor.

Here's what it looks like without the other mattress on it. I does hang down the same length in the back, even though it is up against the wall.

Here is a close up of the corner. The bed looks so much better with the skirt on!

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