25 July 2012


I bought a cute blue stripey t-shirt from the dollar store a while back because I thought the fabric was really cute. The shirt was a size 4x, but I knew it would work to turn into a skirt. I had made a couple skirts from t-shirts last year, and I was in need of something cool and comfy. I did the shirring on the top like in this tutorial. With the super high temperatures we have been having here, and with my growing belly, it is a really comfy skirt. I paired it with a red shirt and wore it for the 4th of July:

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24 July 2012

Lower Case T

Lower case t for tiger tail:

(Yes, those are supposed to be stripes on the tail. My 3 year old was having fun with all my different colored pens)
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20 July 2012

Dino Shoes

My Brother and Sister-in-law had their first baby, a sweet little boy, about a month ago. I made him some little Dino shoes with matching receiving blanket:

I also made him some little penny loafers.

He ended up coming almost 6 weeks early, so he is very tiny. Hopefully he will grow into his shoes before too long!

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19 July 2012

Mickey Mouse Shirts

Our big family vacation this summer was a trip to Disneyland. I thought it would be fun to make some matching shirts for us to wear. I bought some red t-shirts from JoAnns, and used freezer paper to stencil a Mickey Mouse on each of our shirts. Here are some of the shirts in progress:

Since cutting out the stencil is the hardest part, I didn't really want to cut it out more than once. I ended up using the same stencil for all four shirts. It worked pretty well. The paper was pretty caked with paint by the end, and I had to trim down a couple of the tight spots, but it worked. One of the shirts close up:

Here we are, all ready to go the first day to Disneyland:

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17 July 2012

12 July 2012

T-shirt Dress

A couple of months ago, my friend asked me to help with a sewing project for the teen-aged girls at church. We made t-shirt dresses, like the one from Tripping Over Joy, here. I made this one for myself as a practice before showing the girls how to do it.

I made my waist high enough to leave room for my expanding belly. I also left my dress long. A lot of the girls cut theirs to knee length, which looked really cute, too. I wish I had gotten a picture of some of the girls' dressed, because they all turned our really cute.

I also made a little flower to pin onto my shirt with leftover fabric from the skirt. I used this tutorial, although I just cut circles instead of flower shapes.

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06 July 2012

Different Kind of Creating

It has been a while since I have posted here. I haven't totally disappeared off the face of the earth, just been preoccupied. Most of the month of March and April I didn't do too much crafting because I was feeling sick from the other creating my body was doing.

I had to borrow this picture from This Little Project. I thought it was pretty clever.

We found out we are having another boy, due mid October. My boys are super excited to get another brother!

May and June we had a couple big vacations, so I didn't get back into the blogging habit. Now that we have a free summer, I hope to catch up posting the few things I have made the last couple months, and hopefully I can post a little more regularly some fun crafts and things that we do this summer. I made a list of activities and crafts to do with my boys this summer, so I will share some of those. If you want some ideas of the fun activities we have planned, you can check my Kid's Activities Pinterest board here.

Here's a quick craft we did for the Fourth of July. I got the idea here, although I think it was linked to from one of my pins.

Hope you had a happy Independence Day!

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16 February 2012


We had a fun Valentines and were able be a bit crafty with some presents.

I saw this idea on pinterest, and thought it would be fun for my son's Kindergarten class Valentines. We just have the star muffin tins to make the crayons, and we just put them with regular Valentines (that I got on clearance last year!).

The best part was my son was so excited to do his Valentines, he didn't complain about all the writing practice he was getting. :) He even made this card for his teacher:

I made these for my husband and put it in a recycled heart box. The recipe can be found here from Kraft..

I saw these cute origami heart valentines via pinterest, and made a couple for each of my boys.

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15 February 2012