06 July 2012

Different Kind of Creating

It has been a while since I have posted here. I haven't totally disappeared off the face of the earth, just been preoccupied. Most of the month of March and April I didn't do too much crafting because I was feeling sick from the other creating my body was doing.

I had to borrow this picture from This Little Project. I thought it was pretty clever.

We found out we are having another boy, due mid October. My boys are super excited to get another brother!

May and June we had a couple big vacations, so I didn't get back into the blogging habit. Now that we have a free summer, I hope to catch up posting the few things I have made the last couple months, and hopefully I can post a little more regularly some fun crafts and things that we do this summer. I made a list of activities and crafts to do with my boys this summer, so I will share some of those. If you want some ideas of the fun activities we have planned, you can check my Kid's Activities Pinterest board here.

Here's a quick craft we did for the Fourth of July. I got the idea here, although I think it was linked to from one of my pins.

Hope you had a happy Independence Day!

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