31 October 2016

Turtwig halloween costume

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Turtwig halloween costume #homemadehalloweencostume #pokemon #turtwig

Sqirtle halloween costume

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Sqirtle halloween costume #homemadehalloweencostume #pokemon ##squirtle

Toy Story costumes

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Toy Story costumes #homemadehalloweencostume #toystory #woody #jessie #buzzlightyear

22 October 2016

21 October 2016

Halloween costumes ready to go! #2

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Halloween costumes ready to go! #homemadehalloweencostume #pokemon #squirtle #turtwig

Halloween costumes ready to go! #1

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Halloween costumes ready to go! #homemadehalloweencostume #toystory #woody #jessie #buzzlightyear

07 October 2016

Start Wars Halloween Costumes

Start Wars Halloween costumes last year. #princessleiacostume #captainphasmacostume #bb8costume #kylorencostume #hansolocostume #homemadehalloweencostume

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25 September 2016

Lego Movie Halloween Costumes

Two years ago our family dressed as Lego Movie characters. Benny's helmet was made with some thin foam covered in fabric, paired with a shirt from Etsy, and blue pajama bottoms. Wyldstyle was made with a black pants and jacket with detailing made out of ribbon. I put a pink ribbon in my hair and tried to style it like the character's. Emmet's hard hat was a yard sale find, he had the jacket, and I made the orange pants. I made Vitruvius's beard, headband, and staff. The robe was another yard sale find. Batman was a bat cape I made several years ago, paired with a batman pajama shirt. #homemadehalloweencostume

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24 September 2016

Letter A is for ants and apple.

I have done letter crafts with all of my boys as preschoolers as they have started getting more interested in letters and their sounds. I started with son number 3 a few months ago. Letter A is for ants and apple. #lettercraft

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Star Wars Halloween Costumes

With Halloween coming up I thought I would share some costumes I've made in recent years. Three years ago we did Star Wars. I made my Princess Leia dress out of an old sheet. Darth Vader's shirt was painted, and his helmet was made out of some shiny black fabric. Yoda was my favorite. I incorporated pipe cleaners inside the ears to help them stick out. The storm trooper was a thrift store find, and we just bought the emperor robes.

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20 September 2016

Receiving Blanket and Baby Shoes

A #receivingblanket and doggie #babyshoes for my friend who just had a baby boy. #sewingforbaby #sewingforboys via http://ift.tt/2cPLl79