30 November 2010


It snowed at our house today!

Since it hasn't really snowed around here yet, we made our own snow. :) We made these snowflakes out of coffee filters. I saw this idea here the other day, and had to try it out. I have seen a lot of kids' crafts made out of coffee filters, but since we don't drink coffee, I never had any. But I thought these snowflakes looked so easy to do with the coffee filters I had to buy some. I got a pack of 160 at the dollar store. These make cutting snowflakes super easy! I just folded them in half and then in thirds, and let my son cut away.

I had to make a couple myself, too.

My son can't get enough of them. I think he will cut up all 160 in the pack if I let him! We've got a couple dozen already.

I really does look like it snowed in our house! :)

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15 November 2010

Fall/ Thanksgiving Decorations with Kids

We went for a walk the other day, and my boys started gathering leaves that they liked. By the time we got home, we had a huge handful of leaves. My 4 year old thought we should makes something with them.

First we made some turkeys. Nice and festive for the upcoming holiday!

I helped tape the leaves down. My 4 year old drew the face of the turkey on this one:

I drew the face on this one, and my almost two year old kind of helped color it :)

The rest of the leaves we bunched up and made a pretty centerpiece for our table.

We have been enjoying a beautiful fall and are looking forward to Thanksgiving!

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12 November 2010

Baby Gifts

Here are two baby gifts I made recently.

Little shoes for a neighbor's new baby girl:

Shoes and matching onsie dress for a cousin's sweet baby girl:

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09 November 2010

Fall/ Thanksgiving Banner

I took down my Halloween Banner, and needed something for the rest of fall. My friend had a bunch of this garland stuff around her house that looked so fun. She said they saw something like it at some store, but decided they could make it easily themselves. I decided to copy her idea! :)

To make it, I cut 1.5 inch strips from fall colored cardstock and cut the strips into 1.5 inch squares.

I made way more squares than I needed for the one banner. I will have to make a couple more! Then I just zig-zag stitched through the paper, overlapping slightly, hooking them all together in a line.

It really was simple to make, and I love the beautiful fall colors!

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