30 October 2009

Halloween Costumes

My 3 year old has been obsessed with the chipmunks, Chip and Dale, for quite some time. He loves to watch the old Donald Duck movies on YouTube. So for Halloween, I made him and my baby costumes to be Chip and Dale.

I happened to find these two brown hoodies, in the right size at Goodwill.


Sew on a bit of fleece, and after:

Here is Big Brother showing off his tail.

And baby boy's cute little tail:

I also made little slippers for both of them. Baby chipmunk toes:

To go with the theme, I made some accessories for my husband and I to be Donald and Daisy.

We also had tails and duck feet!

We already had our Trunk-or-Treat at church and went Trick-or-Treating at my husband's office. We are all prepared for Trick-or-Treating tomorrow.

What are you dressing up as this year?

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28 October 2009

Little Pumpkin

I made this shirt for my three year old. I have one I made for me a couple years ago, and he wanted me to make him one ever since last year.

I just got an orange sweat shirt from Walmart, cut out black shapes from fleece, glued them on with craft glue (just to secure them), and then sewed around the edges. Quick, easy, and fun!

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22 October 2009


One of the favorite crafts my son and I like to do is making things out of toilet paper rolls. I'm not sure what it started with, but now my son won't let us throw any toilet paper rolls away! He helps me come up with ideas of what to make with them.

A while back we made this train with tp rolls, with a little help from some other cardboard.

We had recently watched Dumbo, so he wanted to put animals in the train. We found some little stickers with animals, and a few other stickers made it on there as well.

Most of the fun is in the making of these, but my son usually likes to play with them for a while, too!

21 October 2009

Two Pairs of Baby Shoes

These are two pairs of shoes I recently made for my baby.

Monkey Shoes:

Blue Penny Loafers:

20 October 2009

Pink and Brown Onsie Dress

One of my favorite gifts to make for new babies are baby shoes. For girls I like to make a matching onsie dress. For boys I will usually make a blanket to match. I made this onsie dress with matching shoes for a cousin's new baby.

18 October 2009


Welcome to my blog.

I love to create and make things. This blog will be a log of all the projects I make. I love to sew and scrapbook and occasionally do other crafts. I also like to do crafts and other projects with my preschooler.

Come back often, or subscribe to my feed! I hope that my creations can spark some of your own creativity.

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