18 October 2009


Welcome to my blog.

I love to create and make things. This blog will be a log of all the projects I make. I love to sew and scrapbook and occasionally do other crafts. I also like to do crafts and other projects with my preschooler.

Come back often, or subscribe to my feed! I hope that my creations can spark some of your own creativity.

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  1. I love making things for my two grandsons, and have really just discovered how much fun it is to make quiet books! My oldest grandson just turned 4 yrs, and the baby is 4 mos. Do you think the 4 year old has outgrown quiet books? I'm trying not to make it too baby-ish. I was wondering since you have a 5 year old son.

  2. I think that a 4 year old would still enjoy a quiet book. It would depend on what is in it of course. The book I have lends itself to pretend play, which older kids can do. You can also put in things like buttons and lace tying, which are really more for that age.


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