28 August 2013

Spider Web

I saw the idea to make a spider web decoration out of a trash bag from How About Orange last year. So when my boys were wanting more Halloween decorations, we tried it out. I thought they turned out pretty fun.

One for the doorway, and one for the front door.

For some added fun, we attached some little spider rings to them.

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26 August 2013


When we went to Disneyland last year, my son got this R2D2 Mickey ears hat.


So for Halloween, he wanted to be R2D2. I had seen a couple ideas online (here, here, and here), and used freezer paper to make a stencil to paint on a white t-shirt.

He wanted a t-shirt rather than a costume made out of cardboard or something, so he could wear it to school, which he has quite a bit!
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