26 April 2010

Dinosaur Shirt

My four year old LOVES dinosaurs. We have everything dinosaur these days. He loves to read dinosaur books (Dinotrux is a favorite right now), sing songs about dinosaurs (we have this from the library), watch dinosaur movies (we have The Land Before Time from the library right now), play with stuffed dinosaurs, and dinosaur figurines.

He had a shirt that he had told me once that he didn't want to wear because it didn't have a picture on it. So I knew it would be fun to put something on it. After reading about freezer paper stenciling on Made, I bought some freezer paper and fabric paint to try it. It was fun! The freezer paper sticks to the shirt to prevent the paint from getting under the stencil. I drew the picture of the Tyranosaurus just looking at a picture in one of the many books we have.

I'm definitely going to try the freezer paper stenciling again. A few things I learned to do better next time: Make sure the final layer of paint is smooth. Especially after ironing, the brush strokes that were not smoothed out really showed up. Also, make sure to iron evenly. It kind of changed the color when I ironed and the feet didn't get ironed quite as bit, so they are darker.

The possibilities with this are endless! I see some more of these in the future!

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  1. It looks awesome! We use a spouncer instead of a brush...

  2. Really cool shirt! My (now 13 y.o.) daughter was completely obsessed with dinosaurs at that age too. She was bummed out that they didn't sell dinosaur underwear for girls, so unfair. The grandparents bought her a doll house with dolls, she evicted the dolls and the plastic dinsaurs moved in! I wish I knew about freezer paper stenciling back then! Now she loves dragons and ravens. I bet he loves that shirt!


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