29 March 2010

Easter Garland

If you can't tell, I'm hooked on making holiday garlands!

I made this Easter egg garland last week. I had the Easter bunny print and just cut it into egg shapes.

Although I like the banner, it is cute enough, I wasn't quite satisfied with it. It didn't make me smile ever time I saw it like the last couple I have made.

Then I saw this tutorial to make a PEEPS bunny bunting, and I knew I had to try it!

I'm not a huge fan of Peeps, but they sure make a cute Easter banner.

Here is my version:

Look at all the cute little bunnies!

These were a bit more work than the others I have made since there are two layers sewn together. But they ended up so cute, it was worth it!

While I was cutting out the bunny shapes, my boys were trying to play with them. So I cut out a couple extra shapes and made them into finger puppets. So fun!

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  1. Necessity breeds invention... loves those finger puppets!! Gonna make some :)


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