17 January 2011

Baby Doll

Sorry for such a long blogging break. We had a busy couple weeks leading up to Christmas (including some crafting going on for Christmas presents). We took a nice, long three week vacation, which was extended by two days when our flights got canceled, twice. So I'm just getting back into the swing of things, and hopefully will be back to doing some crafting soon.

I was happy to see that I got some new followers to my blog over the holidays. Thank you to all my followers! Hopefully I will be blogging a little more regularly now. I have a few Christmas presents to show you that I made this week.

This baby doll I made for my 7 month old niece. Babies are always so much fun to make things for. There is so much cute stuff to make!

The free pattern for this doll came from the Black Apple Doll featured on Martha Stuart Crafts. I made the body out of flannel and the hair out of fleece to be super soft and washable so my niece can cuddle it all she likes! I especially like the pink stripey tights. :) I embroidered the eyes and mouth.

I also made her a little doll blanket to match out of the same flannel.

My niece loves to cuddle things already, and liked her right away!

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  1. I love the baby doll! I've been thinking of making a doll for my little girl. I may just do it now!


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