18 January 2011


For my 10 month old nephew, I made this little monster. I drew my own pattern based on the Uglydoll Big Toe. I didn't know there were official  Uglydolls, but ran across them searching for ideas. I had just seen pictures of monsters that people had made, and thought it would be fun. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

I hadn't planned on making a little blanket for it, but ran across this adorable monster fabric that I had bought at JoAnns a while back, and just had to use it. There are such cute little monsters on there. Any of those monsters would make a cute little stuffy.


Signature copy


  1. Love your monster and blanket.

    I am a beginning seamstress...but this seams like a good starter project!

    If you have a moment tonight, please stop by Creative Juice Thursday and show this off!


  2. That is a super cute idea, I have an 18month old and he loves stuffed animals. He would love one of these.


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