29 October 2010

Halloween Costumes Part 4- Robin

This costume ended up being my favorite of the bunch. Maybe it is just because it looks so cute on my almost 2 year old. Just about any costume looks adorable on little kids, I think. They are so much fun to dress up! :)

So here is my little robin.

He was very good at flapping his wings and "caw"-ing like a bird.

We had people ask us if he was an owl or a Hokie (even more than 3 hours away, we are still in VA Tech country!). I think he is the cutest little robin ever, not that I am biased or anything. :)

The base of his costume is a brown hooded jacket. I just basted the face on the hood, which will be easy to take off, since I kind of like the jacket and will probably use it on its own. I cut out the wings, tail, and tummy out of some brown knit fabric (actually from a shirt I got at the goodwill outlet for less than a dollar) and some dark red fleece. Both fabrics don't fray, so I didn't have to worry about edges. Inspired by this cape on Etsy, I made the wings hook onto the tummy part. One of the shoulder straps velcros on, and it ties in the back at the waste. I put loops of the brown knit on the ends of the wings to hook onto his wrists. The wings are pinned to the top of the jacket so they wouldn't fall down, and the tail is just pinned on, too.

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