25 October 2010

Halloween Costumes Part 1- Bat

My husband's work had a Halloween party on Friday, so it forced me to get all our costumes done early!

My 4 year old wanted to be a bat, so we came up with kind of a theme to go with it. My 21 month old dressed up as a robin (bird), I was a cat, and my husband was a penguin. Fifty brownie points if you can figure out the theme! :)

For today, the bat costume:

Not the best picture of the wings, it was windy, but you can get the idea.

For the hooded cape, I had a piece of knit fabric remnant and used the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew here. I cut it out more like this, though:

Hopefully that makes sense if you look at the other tutorial, too. I also sewed the tip of the hat on the inside so it wasn't pointed, and of course added some ears. I sewed a band of the knit fabric on the ends of the cape so he could hook them on his hands. The nice thing about the knit fabric is not having to worry about hemming the edges!

Paired with a black shirt and pants, and a bit of face paint, and we're ready to fly!

Come back the next couple days to see the rest of our costumes.

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  1. It's batman. I love your catwoman costume.


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