19 October 2010

Easy, Fun Halloween Decorations with Kids

A super easy Halloween decoration we made last week. I got a bunch of foam stickers on discount after Halloween the last couple years, so I just let my kids have at it with the stickers.

My 21 month old made a haphazard picture:

My four year old's is a bit more straight, and he even wanted to spell some real words.

I made this one :)

I got the idea to make these pumpkins here. My four year old painted some paper plates orange and he drew on the faces. Once they were dry, I glued on a stem and cut out the faces.

For preschool last week, my son's class went on a nature walk and collected leaves and pine needles. I guess they used some for a project there, which he hasn't brought home yet, but the extras he brought home in a bag. Instead of just leaving them in the bag (or throwing them out) I thought we could enjoy them during this fall season. I just taped them up under the top of our entertainment center, so they hang in a row above our TV:

Signature copy

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