10 June 2010


There hasn't been too much creating going on around here the last week. I guess we have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside more.

I did start something new with my 4 year old to go with the map on our wall. I decided we will make flags for different countries that we want to learn about.

We started with Scotland. Scotland is my favorite because I served as a missionary there for my church about 10 years ago. We found it on the map, made the flag, and then colored a Scottish bear with a kilt. (I got that picture here.)

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  1. This is such a cute idea, Chelle! You do so many fun things with those boys. I'm glad you're getting warm weather. We're just barely getting into summer here. I guess it's time to take out the boat!

  2. I knew you were creative, but wow! I'm loving the baby booties you make. So so cute!


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