29 June 2010

Quiet Book Page 5

See the cover/page 1 here.
See page 2 here.
See page 3 here. See page 4 here.

Page 4 and 5 together:

Page 5 finishes an indoor scene:

The cat sleeps in a little basket...

But can come out and play:

Hiding in a hole in the wall...

Is a little mouse:

And on the wall is a picture with flowers and a lady bug.

This is the last page. Like I said, I have more pages that I have designed. Maybe someday I will get around to making them. Give me another couple years! :)

Here is what the back looks like.

Signature copy


  1. I love your quiet book. If I did something that involved I'd be scared to let the kids touch if for fear they would destroy it. I hope yours a bit kinder to their toys.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. This is so beautiful and detailed! Wow. Stunning. Here is my quiet book so far, if your interested:

    Also, you should totally upload your pages to the Quiet Book Flickr Group


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