24 June 2011

T-Shirt Fun

I found some t-shirts at the dollar store the other day, so we had some fun with them this week.

My 5 year old picked out a white one. He wanted a pterodactyl on it, since the last dinosaur shirt I made for him is too small now. My 2 year old wanted a smaller pterodactyl, so I just put a little one on a shirt he already had. I traced the image on this page of a pterodactyl onto freezer paper and painted it on. I think it was easier to paint it, than it was to get a decent picture of my active boys.

I also bought a couple shirts to refashion for myself. I took an 2X gray t-shirt and turned it into a super comfy summery skirt. I was inspired by this tutorial, although I didn't really follow it. I wanted it a little longer (the tutorial says to cut off under the armpits of the shirt, I went all the way to the front scooped neckline), so I had to sew up the sides a little, too. I also didn't do the shirring on top, I just folded it over and put in an elastic. It was quite easy and quick, and a great skirt to wear in this hot weather! I have a black one to make, too.

Group shot!

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17 June 2011

Winning Baby Shoes

I forgot to post the baby shoes I made for my giveaway winner. These are the baby shoes I made for Olivia. I hope her baby is enjoying them!

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16 June 2011

Homemade Pinwheels

Our air conditioner went out this past weekend, and it was super hot around here. We constantly had fans on trying to keep cool. So when I saw this tutorial to make a homemade pinwheel, I thought it would be a fun activity to play with in front of our fans.

The tutorial showed them made with a push pin, but I couldn't get them to spin around. So I made the holes with the push pin to begin with (to make the hole a bit bigger), then put a regular straight pin through, and then all the way through the eraser of a pencil.

I only made them with one sheet of scrapbook paper, rather than gluing two together. I kind of like the white on the other side, though. The bigger one I made with a 7 inch square. The smaller one is only 6 inches.

We had a lot of fun with them, though. We even rigged up a little tower out of Trio blocks to hold them in front of the fan.

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