30 August 2010

Camera Strap

I have been wanting a longer strap for my camera, so I can hang it on my shoulder or around my neck. I have seen a lot of tutorials on blogs about covering camera straps with cute fabric, but I didn't have a strap to cover. So I kind of made up my own strap.

I happened to have a little string thing that I sewed in on the bottom. It hooks right on to my camera. I put it onto my camera before I realized I wouldn't actually be able to take a picture of it while it was on my camera! So I had to get a picture of it by itself.

I made it with the same fabric as the camera case the I made, so they match!

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24 August 2010

I Spy Bags

I've been collecting little toys, beads, and buttons, and stuff to make an I Spy Bag for quite a while now. After finding a bunch of little stuff at the free yard sale we went to the other week, and a bunch of cute buttons at a regular yard sale, I decided I had enough to make two! Now each of my boys can have one.

Bag number one:

Back view:

I took a picture of all the little things to find before I put them in. I plan on printing out the picture and attaching it somehow to the bag.

Bag number 2:

My Joann's didn't have any poly pellets to fill the bags, but I found a bag of tiny plastic bead-like things meant to put in a vase. They work just great!

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18 August 2010

Silly Faces Tin

I saw this idea on A Girl and a Glue Gun. She made a bunch of different fun things using tins, you should check them all out! I thought this looked like a lot of fun. So I found a nearly gone tin of Altoids and made my own.

I drew a bunch of silly facial features and hair with Sharpies on some sheets of magnets that I had.

The rest of the magnets are random food and stuff I found in a little baggie at a free yard sale we went to last weekend. Since I had the rest of the stuff on hand, it was basically a free project! This should be some more fun portable entertainment to take on our trip!

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11 August 2010

More Finger Puppets

This week I made finger puppets of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

Complete with a (very colorful :) ) straw house,

A house made of sticks,

And a nice brick house,

To keep out the big bad wolf.

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06 August 2010

Finger Puppet Holder

The finger puppets I made needed a home, something to carry them in. This is what I came up with. A little bag with a handle to carry it.

Open it up, and the inside has a little pocket to hold the finger puppets, and a clear pocket to hold papers to help tell the story.

So, Goldilocks can eat the porridge,

Sit in the chairs,

And be discovered sleeping by the bears:

I drew the pictures for the different scenes of the story and my 4 year old helped me color them. They all slip in the clear plastic pocket and are easy to slip in and out. I put a piece of cardboard  inside the sides of the bag to give it some stability. Now we are all set for some portable story telling!

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02 August 2010

Once Upon a Time...

... There were three bears.
A Daddy bear,

A Mommy bear,

And a baby bear.

They all lived together in a cottage in the woods.

One morning, they went for a walk in the woods while their porridge cooled off. A little girl named Goldilocks came and knocked on their door.

...And they all lived happily ever after.

I've been wanting to make some finger puppets for a while now, and thought they would be especially fun on our long plane ride across the country later this month. I have a few more planned, so stay tuned!

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