18 August 2010

Silly Faces Tin

I saw this idea on A Girl and a Glue Gun. She made a bunch of different fun things using tins, you should check them all out! I thought this looked like a lot of fun. So I found a nearly gone tin of Altoids and made my own.

I drew a bunch of silly facial features and hair with Sharpies on some sheets of magnets that I had.

The rest of the magnets are random food and stuff I found in a little baggie at a free yard sale we went to last weekend. Since I had the rest of the stuff on hand, it was basically a free project! This should be some more fun portable entertainment to take on our trip!

Signature copy


  1. goodness, you do SO many cute things!! I love this, and your finger puppets down below--so cute!!!!

  2. How fun! This would be a great car activity!


  3. I hadn't thought of making one of these myself! Isn't it funny what we make our own versions of and then what we totally don't think to do. I think I am gonna have to do this because both of my kids LOVE these tins during church! ( I secretly like them too! haha )


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