24 August 2010

I Spy Bags

I've been collecting little toys, beads, and buttons, and stuff to make an I Spy Bag for quite a while now. After finding a bunch of little stuff at the free yard sale we went to the other week, and a bunch of cute buttons at a regular yard sale, I decided I had enough to make two! Now each of my boys can have one.

Bag number one:

Back view:

I took a picture of all the little things to find before I put them in. I plan on printing out the picture and attaching it somehow to the bag.

Bag number 2:

My Joann's didn't have any poly pellets to fill the bags, but I found a bag of tiny plastic bead-like things meant to put in a vase. They work just great!

Signature copy


  1. When I made some of these for my nieces, I hand wrote a list with a sharpie and then sketched the item next to it (I am SO not an artist!) - you can see how I did it here. I also used rice, dried beans, and popcorn to fill mine. Very fun project!

  2. Love this! I am sooo going to make on for my two yr old!
    Found you at Sew Much Ado..."sew" glad I did!
    Would love for you to check out my blog!

  3. I've never seen an I Spy bag before and these are such a cool idea! What a great way to use up buttons, old jewellery, and little trinkets. A great place to stash those little plastic toys from holiday crackers and gumball machines, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. We have one really similar to these, but each thing inside has a coordinating card with a picture of the item and the name of the item. They're printed on cardstock and then I laminated them. Then we attached a little pocket on the back that closes at the top with velcro so the cards have a place.


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