06 August 2010

Finger Puppet Holder

The finger puppets I made needed a home, something to carry them in. This is what I came up with. A little bag with a handle to carry it.

Open it up, and the inside has a little pocket to hold the finger puppets, and a clear pocket to hold papers to help tell the story.

So, Goldilocks can eat the porridge,

Sit in the chairs,

And be discovered sleeping by the bears:

I drew the pictures for the different scenes of the story and my 4 year old helped me color them. They all slip in the clear plastic pocket and are easy to slip in and out. I put a piece of cardboard  inside the sides of the bag to give it some stability. Now we are all set for some portable story telling!

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  1. Super fun! I love that story! Yours really brings it to life!


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