04 May 2011

Popsicle Stick Puzzles

I love it when my 5 year old takes a project that I show him and goes crazy with it all on his own.

I made this popsicle stick puzzle for my boys. I have seen the idea several places and I thought it would be a fun puzzle for them. My 5 year old thought it looked like so much fun that he wanted to make some himself. So he made another rainbow...

And then a bunch more!
A flower:

A tiger:

An airplane up in the clouds:

A house:

OK, this one is mine, he asked for a little chick:

And here is him and his brother playing ball:

To store them, I put an elastic around each individual puzzle, then put them in an old tootsie roll can. Both my 5 year old and my 2 year old have enjoyed putting them together.

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  1. What fun! We used popsicle sticks like that to make some little trivets that Scout gave to family for Christmas one year...but the puzzles are a great idea too...I'll have to remember that for Sunday School crafts...

  2. Oh, this looks like so much fun - thank you for sharing the idea! I must do this with my girls soon!

    I wanted to invite you to link-up your idea to the Sunday Showcase. It's my kids craft linky party! We go live Every Sat. night at 8 thru Sunday night! Hope you can share some of your fun ideas!

    I am now following you!
    Bernadette - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com

  3. Wanting to make this for St. Patrick's day this year. How did you get the popsicle sticks stay together for them to draw?

    1. We put a bit of masking tape on the back side to hold it together. Have fun!


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