03 March 2011

Yellow and Green Angry Birds

 Here is the Yellow Bird:

With a cute little tail in the back:

The pattern for the yellow bird can be found here.

And the Green Bird (or going backwards bird):

Find the pattern for the green bird here.

I have two more birds to make, but ran out of fabric and time before my son's birthday, so I gave him what I had done.

They were so cute all squished together in the box.

They were a great hit! Right when he opened the box he was excited they were angry birds. Both my boys have found their favorites and have had to sleep with them. They also used them to throw at each other. Good thing they are nice and soft! :) My son even told me he liked his cool angry birds. They will be lots of fun.

I am still going to make the last 2 birds, and probably a couple extra so both my sons can have their favorites. Hopefully it won't take me too long. I do have some craftiness from my son's birthday party that I will put up here soon. We are also in process of moving, so not too much other crafting is going on lately.

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  1. It's been a while since I stopped by. LOVE your angry birds. You are hilarious. And your kids are so lucky to have a mom who makes them cool toys. We play this game too. Lilly likes the spooky music of the Halloween version.
    Happy Birthday to your son.


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