27 October 2017

PJ Mask Birthday Party

My preschooler turned 5! He has really gotten into PJ Masks lately and wanted a PJ Mask party. 

He had already decided to be Catboy for Halloween, so I made him his costume early (more about that later).

He wanted a PJ Mask cake with all the symbols of the characters on it

The kids made bracelets with their favorite character: catboyowlette, or gecko

We made a cardboard box HQ so they could use their super gecko strength to lift it. 

HQ had been taken by Romeo and they had to carry it back across the city.

I didn't get pictures of the other activities, but they also used their super catboy speed to run and diffuse some bombs planted by Luna Girl (they had to pop some balloons with candy inside). Then they flew like owlette to save the city from the night ninjas (they shot nerf guns at some blue balloons). 

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