29 August 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciled School Shirts

My son starts Kindergarten next week (where has the time gone!). He's really excited and I'm excited for him, although I'm sure it will be a lot quieter around here for most of the day.

I bought a couple of polo shirts at Target on clearance for super cheap last year, and I thought I would decorate them a bit to be more fun for my son to wear to school. When I asked him what picture he would want for a new school shirt he said a school bus. He will be riding the bus, and we went to a bus orientation thing the other week, so I think he is excited about riding the bus. This stencil was a bit tricky, since it has a lot of details and two colors. I thought it turned out pretty good.

I also did this motorcycle.

All ready for school!

Signature copy

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