27 April 2010

Letter X

The capital "X" has a foX on a boX.
The lower case "x" has an x-ray.

(Can you tell my son got a hold of the glue without my help. :) Funny story: after doing the "fox on a box" I asked my son what we should do for the lower case "x." I asked him if we should do "x-ray" or "xylophone." He said, "I think we should do "x-ray" because "xylophone" sounds like it starts with a "z!" So smart. Who thought up the spelling of "xylophone" anyway?)

Letter "X" page from our Alphabet book.

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26 April 2010

Dinosaur Shirt

My four year old LOVES dinosaurs. We have everything dinosaur these days. He loves to read dinosaur books (Dinotrux is a favorite right now), sing songs about dinosaurs (we have this from the library), watch dinosaur movies (we have The Land Before Time from the library right now), play with stuffed dinosaurs, and dinosaur figurines.

He had a shirt that he had told me once that he didn't want to wear because it didn't have a picture on it. So I knew it would be fun to put something on it. After reading about freezer paper stenciling on Made, I bought some freezer paper and fabric paint to try it. It was fun! The freezer paper sticks to the shirt to prevent the paint from getting under the stencil. I drew the picture of the Tyranosaurus just looking at a picture in one of the many books we have.

I'm definitely going to try the freezer paper stenciling again. A few things I learned to do better next time: Make sure the final layer of paint is smooth. Especially after ironing, the brush strokes that were not smoothed out really showed up. Also, make sure to iron evenly. It kind of changed the color when I ironed and the feet didn't get ironed quite as bit, so they are darker.

The possibilities with this are endless! I see some more of these in the future!

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20 April 2010

Letter W

The capital "W" has a whale on it.
The lower case "w" has a watermelon on it.

Letter "W" page from our Alphabet book.

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19 April 2010

Baby Mary Janes

Some more baby shoes I made last week. These were for my friend's little girl that is having her first birthday this week. Happy birthday Miss S!

I made them with removable flower buttons. I love how cute the Mary Jane style looks!

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13 April 2010

Easter Bow Ties

I wanted my sons to have new outfits for Easter. They had matching pants and shirts from Christmas, so I just made them some matching bow ties.

Quick and easy, and oh, so handsome!

I used the tutorial found from Something About Kate.

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08 April 2010

Dino Blanket

I got a remnant of this dinosaur fabric and my 4 year old saw it and wanted me to make him something.

So I made a little blanket for his stuffed animals.

Just right to tuck T-Rex in for a nap.

This T-Rex was actually another project I worked on this week. The mouth of the dinosaur was made out of felt. The felt was balling up and my son was picking at it so it was getting a hole in its mouth. Before it started to loose its stuffing, I sewed a piece of fleece over its mouth. Hopefully that will hold up better than the felt was. It makes me wonder why they would make it out of felt!

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06 April 2010

Letter V

The capital "V" has a volcano on it.
The lower case "v" has some violets in a vase.

Letter "V" page from our Alphabet book.

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05 April 2010

Hippo Shoes

I made these baby shoes for our new little nephew that was born a few weeks ago.

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01 April 2010

Papier-Mâché Easter Egg

For our family night this week, we made this Easter Egg.

I saw this idea in the Family Fun magazine last year and marked it to try sometime. We just followed the instructions they have there. I haven't done papier-mâché since elementary school! I thought it would be a fun thing for my four year old to do. He actually didn't like getting his hands in the paste. :) So my husband and I did most of the work. My son did think it was really cool once it was dry that it turned hard. We decorated the inside with plastic eggs and some little lambs and duckies I got at a craft store a couple years ago.

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