23 November 2009

Two Little Turkeys

Note to my Mom: If you don't want to see your card before you get it in the mail, don't read this! :)

The past three years, I have made a Thanksgiving card for the Grandmas with a turkey made from my son's hand. I used the basic pattern and poem from DLTK. It has been so fun to see how his turkey has grown.

This year we have two little turkeys, so I changed the poem a bit to make it plural.

Here is my revised version of the poem:

These aren't just turkeys, which really is a plus.

We made them with our hands which are a part of us.

They come with lots of love especially to say,

We hope you have a very, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. So cute. Too bad I just read this and Thanksgiving is way over,


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